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Online medical consultations for adults and children

06 Apr Apr 2020
Take an advantage of the remote consultation with our physicians without leaving the house.

Since 23 March, outpatient consultations and medical examinations have been suspended in order to protect hospital patients, staff and prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, our physicians use all means of communication to stay with patients. Currently, during the epidemic, quarantine and self-isolation days, we are ready to help remotely. Do not postpone your scheduled appointment with physicians. Take care of you and your children. Think of your parents and relative, whom you brought to our center. You might leave an application and get the physician advice by landline telephone, smartphone or computer.

Remote consultation of adult or pediatric cardiologist is required if:

· you've already undergone necessary examinations, but the correct diagnosis is still not made. Our physicians will study your medical history, medical examination results and give professional opinion.

· you or your dear ones and near ones have already been to our physicians’ appointments and now it is necessary to adjust the prescribed treatment.

· your child is sick, and you don't know what kind of tests you need to do to make a diagnosis. Our pediatric specialists will develop an examination plan, prescribe the necessary tests and examinations that can be taken after home self isolation.

During the online consultation, physician:

· will update your treatment plan

· will clarify the examination and test results

· will develop medical check up plan

· will discuss the prevention of your disease

· will answer all your questions about your health condition and give you important advice

Adult consultations are conducted by: Gultyaeva Elena Pavlovna, MD, PhD, Head of the Outpatient Department, Cardiologist of the highest category; Yulia Alexandrovna Bakhmatova, MD, PhD, Cardiologist of the highest category of the Outpatient Department ; Tatiana Gennadyevna Polkovnikova MD, PhD, Cardiologist of the highest category, Rheumatologist of the Urgent Cardiology Department.Pediatric consultations in children are conducted by Chernysheva Tatyana Viktorovna, MD, PhD, Head of the Children's Outpatient Department, Pediatric Cardiologist of the highest category, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation and Khait Olga Vladimirovna, MD, PhD, Pediatric Cardiologist of the highest category of the Children's Outpatient Department.

Consultations are payable and available via Skype or by telephone.

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Online medical consultations for adults and children


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