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Tyumen Cardiology Research Center invites residents for training

30 Jun Jun 2022

Since July 4 till the end of August 2022 Tyumen Cardiology Research Center is holding an admission campaign for residency.

Residency training at the Center is a great opportunity to get high theoretical and clinical training, as well as many skills necessary for a doctor in departments with modern equipment under the guidance of doctors of the highest and first categories, candidates and doctors of medical sciences, honored doctors and scientists of the Russian Federation, laureates of various prizes and awards.

Working with our teachers, residents adopt the unique experience of leading experts in their fields, known not only in Russia, but also in world medicine. We provide an opportunity to engage in science based on practice, to exchange views with colleagues in the Young Scientists Society of the Center, to improve their knowledge. Our graduates are in demand and continue to work not only on our base, but also in the largest medical institutions in Russia and abroad.

We remind that for more than 35 years, Tyumen Cardiology Research Center has successfully combined a research institute, a cardiology clinic and an educational institution, which makes it a unique academic scientific, medical and pedagogical complex, one of the largest and well-equipped in Russia, a recognized leader in the field high cardiotechnologies. In 2016 Tyumen Cardiology Research Center became a part of Russia's largest National Research Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which was established in Tomsk by merging several scientific institutes of different profiles. This allows us to work closely with Tomsk colleagues, to invite eminent scientists from the Cardiology Research Institute, the Cancer Research Institute, the Mental Health Research Institute, the Research Institute of Medical Genetics and the Goldberg Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine.

Our Scientific & Methodological division is always ready to help with documents and answer your questions about training.

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Tyumen Cardiology Research Center invites residents for training