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Tyumen Cardiology Research Center congratulates on the Victory Day!

11 May May 2022

This year we celebrate the 77th anniversary of the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Years are passed but the memory about this day still unites generations and gives us power to overcome any difficulties. We honor and remember the heroes, thanks to whom today we can work in peace, enjoy life and raise children, passing the memory of the exploits of our ancestors from generation to generation! May all worries recede on these festive days, a good mood will come to every home, and the memory of the immortal feat of our people will warm our hearts.

Our staff with their relatives participated in the Immortal Regiment march.



Since the end of April, the Victory Day stands were placed in the hall of the first floor of Cardiology Center. As the battalion, the staff of the Center and their relatives (fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, cousins) who fought and worked in the rear were presented.


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