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Expedition to Novy Urengoy: Tyumen phycisians conducted examinations of child athletes

25 Apr Apr 2022

From April 11 to April 16, 2022, specialists from our Center performed the next stage of a scientific study of the cardiovascular health of children involved in high-intensity physical activity.

During that trip, a team of specialists visited the city of Novy Urengoy. 136 boys aged 12 to 17 years old underwent ECG, ultrasound of the heart, examination and consultation with a pediatric cardiologist, blood tests, and, 24-hour ECG and/or blood pressure monitoring, if such a need arised.
Yulia Lukyanchik, MD, children's cardiologist, Junior Scientific Researcher reminded the main goal of the study was to develop criteria for the early detection of sports overstrain of the heart muscle in children. To do this, our physicians examined adolescents involved in high dynamic sports (hockey, football, basketball) and children who do not practice intense physical activity.

Novy Urengoy is a very sporty city, there are many sports schools in different areas: football, billiards, tennis, hockey. Arkady Vladislavovich Plyusnin, MD, doctor of ultrasound diagnostics shared that time had been spent very effectively, completed everything that had been planned, and had a chance to communicate with colleagues. However not all the children were examined, but only those who were selected as part of the scientific research.

It should be mentioned that the team of researchers included: Arkady Plyusnin, MD (echocardiographic examination) doctor of ultrasound diagnostics of the highest category, Yulia Lukyanchik, MD, cardiologist and Daria Nistryanu, MD, cardiologist (examination, questioning, recording and interpretation of ECG, work with ABPM devices), Ekaterina Zueva, laboratory assistant (blood sampling for biochemical and genetic testing), Aislu Berdybayeva, administrative assistant, (organizational issues).

The next stage of the work of scientists is the analysis of obtained results, especially laboratory data, data from ABPM devices, ECG films. Next, experts will compare and identify differences in order to develop specific recomendations. After several expeditions, only a preliminary conclusion can be drawn, for example: residence area ​​ affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system of child athletes, and some children living in the North and not engaged in high physical activities often have slow heart rhythm, which is typical for athletes.

The team of our Center thanks colleagues and Administration of Novy Urengoy City Hospital for their assistance and support during the work.

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